Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Urgent Care
PHONE: 323-294-4266 FAX : 323-294-4277

Why Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Urgent Care?

At Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Urgent Care, our patient’s health is our number one priority.
Outlined below are the benefits of visiting our facility instead of an ER for your non-life threatening medical emergencies:

  • Our facility is brand new, clean, professional and has a friendly environment, whereas some Emergency Rooms can be old,
        out-dated, dirty and over-crowded.
  • Our fees are affordable, whereas ER fees can be quite expensive.
  • We provide follow up care and Emergency Rooms don’t.
  • The average wait time at our facility will be a lot less than compared to the wait time at an ER.
  • We accept most insurances and we offer affordable rates for uninsured patients.
  • Location

    Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Urgent Care Location

    We are located in the beautiful Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza in Los Angeles.

    3650 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Ste.# 185
    Los Angeles, CA 90008



    In case of Emergency

    For all life-threatening
    emergencies, call 911